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LightFlow Joins the Haivision Family

An exciting chapter is about to unfold for Haivision and its customers. On October 31st, we publicly announced the acquisition of LightFlow Media Technologies, the artificial intelligence and cloud orchestration media business of Epic Labs based in Madrid, Spain.

This acquisition adds cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to Haivision’s innovation portfolio and paves the way for advances in content-aware video encoding, content indexing, object detection, as well as optimization of video contribution, distribution, and delivery for low latency live feeds or video-on-demand.

Haivision acquires LightFlow

Welcoming the LightFlow team to the Haivision family at the new Madrid office

What does LightFlow do?

LightFlow’s video platform leverages the use of perceptual video quality metrics, real-time CDN performance analysis and monitoring, as well as machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms to individually optimize both video asset quality and multi-CDN delivery. LightFlow is fast and easy to integrate into any existing media publishing workflow.

What does LightFlow bring to Haivision?

In addition to its suite of products designed to optimize video streaming solutions, the LightFlow team brings years of deep technical expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud orchestration, and DASH standard implementation innovations. Its technology solutions, along with its highly skilled, experienced developers make this acquisition a perfect fit for Haivision. According to Miguel Serrano, CEO of LightFlow Media Technologies:

“With so much real-time data available throughout the media workflow, the magic dwells in understanding, learning, and adjusting continuously to achieve optimal results. By applying artificial intelligence in different layers of the video workflow, we can harness the combined power of the cloud and edge processing to reinvent the way broadcast and media organizations produce, deliver, and monetize their content.”

What does this mean for Haivision customers?

By working closely LightFlow’s team of experts, we can help spur innovation in video technology which will benefit more people around the world. With this acquisition, Haivision will now be able to offer its customers complete end-to-end video solutions from edge contribution to cloud distribution and delivery – beginning with the Makito X video encoder series, leveraging the SRT protocol for video transport, managing routes with Haivision Hub, and now optimizing delivery with LightFlow.

A bright future ahead

With a mission to help solve its customers’ most difficult video streaming challenges, Haivision will now be able to dramatically accelerate its ability to pursue that mission and become the defining company that ushers in an era of new video technology solutions. Haivision founder and CEO, Mirko Wicha, sums it up perfectly:

“By bringing our visions together, we are poised to enable the delivery of revolutionary new end-to-end media solutions that will transform low latency streaming workflows – from contribution and distribution, all the way to delivery and monetization.”

We’re excited about the talent and technology that LightFlow will bring to Haivision! To learn moreread the full press release here.   

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