Haivision StreamHub

Receive, decode, and distribute live video streams from any Haivision mobile transmitter.

Broadcast Video Receiver and Gateway

StreamHub has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of field-based camera operators and live broadcast producers needing to share live video contribution and return feeds over mobile and IP networks. Supporting both H.264 and HEVC with resolutions up to 4K UHD, StreamHub is the ideal solution for receiving, decoding, and distributing live video for remote production workflows.

Receive and Decode

IP Video Distribution

Transcode and Record

Multiviewer Monitoring

Remote Camera Control

IFB and Video Returns

Versatile Receiver and Decoder

Haivision StreamHub is a powerful mobile and IP stream receiver, decoder, and distribution platform intended to reliably take in live feeds and files from Haivision Pro and Air transmitters, Haivision Rack encoders, and the MoJoPro app. It can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud for integration with all types of live production workflows.

IP Video Gateway

StreamHub can receive up to 16 concurrent SST streams from Haivision mobile video transmitters, encoders, the MoJoPro app as well as IP sources. Supported protocols for both incoming and outgoing streams include SRT, RTMP, RTSP/RTP, TS/IP, HLS and NDI. For on-prem workflows, StreamHub can also decode to SDI and ST 2110 outputs.

Video Returns and Intercom

StreamHub includes a two-way IFB or audio intercom that enables broadcasters to communicate in real-time with up to 16 remote field unit operators. StreamHub can also manage video returns for providing remote operators with studio feeds, confidence monitoring, and teleprompters.

Integrated Transcoding

Convert your live video streams for contribution and distribution workflows. StreamHub provides a broadcast-grade video and audio transcoder engine for real-time codec and format conversion, enabling you to adapt your live video streams to meet the requirements of any destination.

Stream to Cloud Production and Social Media

StreamHub is a flexible solution for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint video streaming. Up to 64 IP outputs are supported to distribute your live video to cloud production platforms, CDNs, media servers, social media networks, or to other StreamHub units.

Intuitive and Powerful UI

StreamHub features a browser-based user interface providing quick access to multiscreen monitoring, real-time statistics, and remote device management. The StreamHub UI can also be used to send return video and audio back to field and to establish an IP data bridge for remotely controlling connected PTZ cameras.

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