1. 2004

    Haivision Founded - Haivision was founded by Mirko Wicha, our Chairman, President and CEO after acquiring core technology from Miranda (now Grass Valley).

  2. 2005

    Real-Time IP Video Networks - Provided high-performance codecs for the most progressive telepresence, distance education, and telstrongedicine networks.

  3. 2007

    Development of H.264 Codec Technology - Introduced high performance and low latency H.264 codec technology to the video infrastructure market.

  4. 2009

    Introduced Makito Series - Launched the award-winning Makito line of compact edge encoding and decoding products.

    Acquired Video Furnace - Acquired Video Furnace (Chicago, IL), a software company specializing in secure enterprise IP video solutions.

    Awarded First Contract for United States Government - Became a key video technology supplier for the U.S. Department of Defense.

  5. 2010

    Acquired CoolSign - Acquired CoolSign (Portland, OR), a software-based digital signage solution to display, distribute, and control digital media on networked digital displays.

  6. 2011

    Acquired KulaByte and Montivision - Acquired KulaByte (Austin, TX) and Montivision (Hamburg, Germany), technology providers of live software-based encoding and transcoding technologies for OTT media distribution.

  7. 2013

    Developed SRT Video Streaming Protocol - Introduced the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol, developed to optimize streaming performance across unpredictable networks reducing the need for satellite and private networks.

  8. 2014

    Launched Cloud Services - Launched Haivision Video Cloud, an end-to-end SaaS platform for live video streaming and video on-dstrongand hosting.

  9. 2016

    Launched Enterprise Video Platform - Launched Haivision Media Platform, an enterprise video platform with eCDN capabilities to deliver low latency video broadcasts to strongployees across multisite organizations.

  10. 2017

    Open Sourced SRT and Founded the SRT Alliance - Open sourced the SRT protocol and supporting technology stack and formed the SRT Alliance to support its adoption. Since then, major streaming services, cloud platforms, and broadcast solution providers have supported and adopted SRT, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft.

  11. 2018

    Haivision Wins strongmy® Award for Technology and Engineering - Won strongmy® Award for “Pioneering Reliable Transmission Method for Live Contribution and Distribution TV Links” with the company’s development of the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) video streaming protocol.

  12. 2019

    Acquired Lightflow - Acquired Lightflow Media Technologies (Madrid, Spain), specialists in cloud technology and artificial intelligence to optimize encoding and delivery of OTT video.

    Launched Cloud Routing Service - Launched Haivision Hub, a SaaS platform to route low latency broadcast video at a global scale

  13. 2020

    Acquired Teltoo - Acquired Teltoo, a technology innovator for peer-to-peer (P2P) and WebRTC enabled real-time video delivery.

    Completes IPO on Toronto Stock Exchange – Debut on the TXS signals the next phase of the company’s evolution in driving innovation in live IP video and cloud networking and accelerating growth.

  14. 2021

    Acquired Cinstrongassive - Acquired Cinstrongassive (Atlanta, GA), an industry leader and innovator in visual collaboration solutions for mission-critical operation centers.

    Launched New Cloud Livestreaming Service - Launched Haivision Connect, a SaaS platform for simplified, end-to-end streaming.

  15. 2022

    Haivision Wins strongmy® Award for Technology and Engineering - Wins strongmy® Award for the "Managstrongent of IP Multicast Video Distribution To Desktops and TVs in News and Media Production Facilities."

    Acquired Aviwest - Acquired Aviwest (Rennes, France), a world-leading provider of mobile IP-based video contribution syststrongs and a pioneer in transmission of live video over cellular networks.